This is my site. I created it as a personal interests webzine/centralized spot on the web for myself. This site is a lot of things. It's a personal website with a diary that I update with random stories from my life, random thoughts and other little things I wanted to share. But this site is also a host for my reviews, random things I've created and more. Plus the kids today seem to be all about their "aesthetic." And my aesthetic is all over this site.

I don't have any social media accounts, so this is my only way of getting out these kinds of things. It feels healthier to have a good disconnect from the response to people reading your posts. I like that you have to email me to get in contact with me. We're not friends. I don't want you in my personal space bubble.

In addition to having my random ramblings all over it, this webzine is a reflection of my odd little mental subculture and aesthetic I've created of my differing interests. My tastes, personal evolution/life, personality, mentality/thought process pretty much culiminated in this project specifically because it's an outlet for me to literally just do whatever I want. So in a way, this strange little evolving subculture that I've been evolving in my head since the mid-late 90s finally has an outlet to just exist in a form other people can kind of have fun with it.

This webzine is full of the fashions, people, shows, movies, music and video games that I like as well as pieces of my personal self and life. This is my only spot on the web, so I wanted to make sure it was a proper reflection of who I was. Since then, the site became a bit of an organism. It's like a digital extension of myself.

The major theme of this site, on the surface, is being out-of-touch with modern society. There's no irony in that. I don't do any acting or bullshitting on this site. I really don't have a smart phone, don't use social media, don't watch moden TV or even really pay attention to what's going on in the world.